Identify HIGH-RISK
Employees, Students, Patients, Prisoners, Suspects and Partners


Word of Caution
Kimon Iannetta, BCFE, Life Fellow Diplomate,
Board Certified Forensic Examiner, ABFE, ACFE, ASIS

My vital connection to this work, began as a personal search to encounter and dispel my own childhood terrors. I believe that to understand the murky shadows, is to illuminate, defuse, and banish them. This personal exploration has led into a far broader adventure. My quest is, and has been, to penetrate below the surface into the mystery of meaning and behavior. The vehicle for me has been the power and interpretation of symbols of the psyche.

A Personal Search...  
      The information presented in this manual is the ticket to a field trip that will take you into the dark side. You will become an inner space traveler who roams the deep recesses of the psyche and unveils the energy patterns of the human process and behavior. You will discover new terrain as you unearth the maps and diagrams of the unconscious. Tread carefully and stay alert; you may accidentally encounter your own shadowy side.

      This is a profiling technique for translating meaning and should not be mistaken as the only tool for judgment, condemnation, or final decision making. It is best used as a guide to validate other methods of evaluation and investigation. Treat this knowledge with the same respect and caution that you use when learning to drive a car, to fly a jet or to shoot a gun. This instrument can be used to malign, maim, injure, explain, make sense of, understand, soothe, help, promote, teach and heal. Without compassion and awareness, we can do untold damage and harm to others. We are each morally responsible for the results of how our approach affects everyone we contact.

      This is my personal myth, my belief, and it is based on a life of experience and thirty years of exploration in this strange landscape. As I become more attuned and familiar, I realize how little I know. I do not consider human nature as a definitive entity but as something constantly changing and evolving. The interplay of the eternal polarities, the conflicting forms and attitudes, are never static. The symbols of suffering and sacrifice are shared in the hope of further understanding the enigma of humanity. I hold to my belief of original goodness and that we humans maintain infinite potential for change.

"Where understanding is, where the mind is, where power of investigating truth is, there God has His image."
-- St. Augustine quoted by Jung in Aion

"Know yourselves, for you are the city and the city is the Kingdom."
-- Apocryphal New Testament, pp. 25 ff

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