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Yassir Arafat

What drives this terrorist: Competative, intensely combative (enjoys the fight), driven, militant, organized and ruthless.

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      Yasser Arafat became involved in the Palestinian cause as a teenager, in the 1940's. Before the Arabs were defeated in 1948, Arafat became a leader in the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) to smuggle arms into the territory.

      Arafat quickly gained a reputation as a ruthless terrorist. Surprisingly, in 1988, Arafat told the United Nations that the PLO would recognize Israel as a sovereign state. The agreement granted limited Palestinian self-rule, and earned Arafat, Rabin, and israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, the 1994 Peace Prize. In January, 1996, Arafat was elected the first President of the Palestinian Council governing the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

* POSTEA:  Arafat died November 11, 2004 of an unknown illness, possibly a blood disorder and was 75 years of age. He had been in a coma since November 3rd. Unfortunately, terrorism still continues between Palestine and Israel. Events continue to transform Lebanon. Former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri (a Sunni Muslim and self-made billionaire) was killed in an assassination in west Beirut. Amid growing suspicion that Syria masterminded the assassination, mass protests by Lebanese and calls for Syria to withdraw from Lebanon have forced Syria to pledge to remove it's troops from the occupied land.

The following assessment of Arafat's signature contains what I consider to be the most significant indicators crucial to an investigation of his character.

      Aspects of discipline, power, intensity, unyieldingness, and a highly organized determination, reveal him to be a tough man to be reckoned with.

      The form level (and extreme *LZ extensions) suggest he responds instinctually rather than from reasoned thinking. Like a pit bull terrier trained to fight to the death, Arafat's relentless, angry objectives, are propelled by dark animalistic forces.

      The writing shows little humanity (sharpness and angular forms throughout). Behavior that mimics tolerance and flexibility, are in actually, diversions that mask his true intentions. Skilled in deception and rationalization (retraced *UZ and LZ), Arafat's writing shows a distinct lack of compassion (sharpness). This allows him to justify his willingness to inflict pain on others, by whatever means suites him.

      Arafat's signature reveals an uncompromising, contemptuous approach to life (rigid, heavy slant, (ya out of the zonal arena). The exceptional ascending slant suggest the pretense of optimism that serves to compensate for the discouragement he often feels internally.

      Two particularly outstanding features of Arafat's script are cruelty (all circle formations are distinctly angular) and his unrelenting rage (extreme LZ length, accompanied by heavy down stroke pressure and lead-in strokes).

      From his writing we can see that his motivations are primarily initiated out of extremist ideals, an all-or-nothing approach to problems (extreme LZ length plus pressure without release). He will conceal and deny, thinking only in cliches (narrowness to retracing in both UZ and LZ). This is always down through the guise of optimism (ascending baseline).

      It is my opinion, that Arafat's writing reveals a very dangerous man, quite capable of influencing and creating chaos wherever he is.

UPDATED: 19 March 2005
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