Facilitator Indicator


Increasing Size


      Handwriting that increases in size suggests a verbally blunt person -- someone who lacks tact. It points toward a lack of refined social skills and implies that the writer attempts to overcompensate for a basic feeling of inferiority. If the change in size occurs rapidly, it may indicate insatbility and/or a tendency to suddenly loose control, depending upon the frequency and intensity of the size increase. When final letters suddenly grow large, the writer is apt to express his opinions strongly and may want to have the last word.


      Letters increase in size, especially toward the end of the word, or the size may increase from one word to another.


1-Increasing Size: Willian George Heirens - Burgler, Kidnapper and Murderer

William George Heirens: Chicago University student who was brought up to believe that sex is unclean, found gratification in burglery and murder. In one of his burgleries in 1945 he disturbed a sleeping woman, slashed her throat and stabbed her several times. In October 1945 he killed a woman by stabbing her and shooting her twice. He scrawled a message on her bedroom wall in lipstick, "For heavens sake catch me before I kill more, I cannot control myself." In January 1946 he kidnapped a six-year-old girl from her bed, left a ransom note, took the girl to a nearby basement where he killed her and cut her body in pieces, dropping them down sewer gratings. Heirens denied having anything to do with the murders, saying they were comitted by his alter ego, George Murman. Heirens was judged insane, sentenced to three consecutive life terms, and never released.

2-Increasing Size: 16-Year-Old Murderer - Killed Man With Hammer

16-Year-Old Boy: Killed a man by hitting him over the head with a hammer. He felt no resentment toward the victim, even said he like him.

3-Increasing Size: Manic Depressive (Male) - Suicide by Bus

Manic-Depressive Male: During one manic phase, he committed suicide by throwing himself in front of a bus.

4-Increasing Size: Cotton Mather - Minister and Writer; Witch Burning Participant

Cotton Mather: Minister and writer who took part in the Salem, Massachusetts witch burnings.

5-Increasing Size: William Phips - Massachusetts Governor during witch trials

William Phips: Governor of Massachusetts at the time of the famous witch trials. Sample is the last paragraph of the notorious witchcraft bill, a bill against "Conjurgation, Witchcraft and dealing with evil and wicked Spirits."

6-Increasing Size: Linus Pauling - Scientist

Linus Pauling: Scientist and two-time Nobel recipient. Advocate for the use of Vitamin C as a curative.

Increasing Size