Facilitator Indicator


Erratic Middle Zone Size


      Unstable Midzone size suggests a proneness to hypersensitivity which relates to a fluctuating self-image. Unstable responses and inner conflict are implied. The writer is easily affected by outside influences and may therefore be a "barometer" for the feelings of others. When the midzone size is erratic and signs of dangrousness are present, the person will be unpredictable in the expression of his criminal behavior.


      Exceptionally variable size of midzone letters.


1-Erratic Middle Zone Size: Sirhan Sirhan - Assassin

Sirhan Sirhan: Arab fanatic who assassinated Robert Kennedy in Los Angeles, 1968, as news of the California primary was announced. It was the anniversary of the Six-Day-War in which Israel defeated the Arabs. Sirhan was an Arab; Kennedy supported the Israeli cause.

2-Erratic Middle Zone Size: Napoleon Bonaparte - Emperor of France

Napoleon Bonaparte: (1769-1821) Emperoe of France, 1804-1815.

3-Erratic Middle Zone Size: Ivan the Terrible

Ivan the Terrible: (1530-1584) Grand Prince since 1533.

4-Erratic Middle Zone Size: John Lennon - Murdered Beatle

John Lennon: Musician, Songwriter, Artist - One of the Beatles. Assassinated in front of his New York apartment building by Mark Chapman, 1981.

5-Erratic Middle Zone Size: John Belushi - Drug Overdosed Entertainer

Jim Belushi: American Comedian. Died of a drug overdose.

6-Erratic Middle Zone Size: Michael Jackson - Popular Rock Star

Michael Jackson: American Rock Star.

Erratic Middle Zone Size