Facilitator Indicator


Exaggerated Upper Zone


      Indicates a tendency to exaggerate, distort ideas, or daydream. The sign is suggestive of strong imagery, and active imagination and a rich fantasy life. An overly active imagination can lead to great distortion and, if associated with negative traits, can add to the possibility of dangerousness. If the upper loops are too broad, the writer may encompass too much in the imagination and end with nothing in reality. Check for delusional thinking.


      Upper lookps are exaggerated in size, both in height and width.


1-Exaggerated UpperZone: Drug-Influenced Murder of Girl Gang Member

Drug-Influenced Murder: In 1961 they dug a grave then murdered a girl who was a member of a gang to which they belonged. They were under the influence of drugs at the time. Received a life sentence in 1964.

2-Exaggerated Upper Zone: Poly Drug User

Poly Drug User

3-Exaggerated Upper Zone:

King Ludwig II of Bavaria: (1845-1886) Patron of Richard Wagner. Became insane in 1866, which confined him to one of his fantastic Chateaus on Lake Starnberg, where he drown himself.

4-Exaggerated Upper Zone:

L. Ron Hubbard:
Founder of Scientology. Author of Dianetics and science fiction books.

5-Exaggerated Upper Zone:

Leopold Stokowski: Conductor.

6-Exaggerated Upper Zone:

Ralph Nader: (1934- ) American consumer advocate.

Exaggerated Upper Zone