Primary Danger Indicator


      Tics suggest anger, hostility, irritability and frustration, depending on their relative strength when compared to other writing strokes. They suggest the tendency to easily lose one's temper, according to their frequency, and especially on the amount of pressure used in writing the stroke. The writer of tics has a short fuse and can fly off the handle at the least provocation. With other negative indicators and with lack of control strokes, this is an especially violent sign.

      When tics are seen in the personal pronoun I and/or signature, a pervasive characterological anger (conscious or unconscious) is suggested. Such tics indicate a disturbance in the person's self-concept, depending upon the nature of the distortion.


      Straight, unnecessary additions to strokes, either initial or final. Must be connected to a second stroke at a sharp angle. Tics are sometimes seen in the personal pronoun I and/or signature.


1-Tics: John Wilkes Booth, Assassin of U.S. President Lincoln

John Wilkes Booth: Popular stage idol who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln, April 14, 1865.

2-Tics: Dennis Nilsen, Serial Killer of Fifteen

Dennis Nilsen: English serial killer who confessed to killing fifteen men and attempting to kill seven others. Nilsen, very talkative, congenial and seemingly conventional, was secretly very lonely. He strangled his victims (mostly strangers he met in pubs) then bathed their bodies. He kept the bodies under the floor of his London flat, bringing them out occasionally "for company" and eventually dispassionately dismembering them. Nilsen talked freely of his killings, and wrote several volumes of details in his prison cell. "I was the forlorn seeker after a relationship which was always beyond my reach. I felt inadequate somehow as a human being." "I led a dual life -- one life was constantly pulling against the other."

3-Tics: Jack the Ripper - Serial Murderer in London

Jack the Ripper: Mutilated five women in London's East End during a three-month period in 1888. The anomyous killer gained his nickname from the ferocity of his crimes -- the victims' throats were slashed and their bodies ripped open in sexually-motivated killings.

4-Tics: Adolph Hitler - Timeline of Signatures from 1937, 1938 and 1943.

Adolph Hitler: German Chancellor and furer.

5-Tics: Attempted Murderer - Stabbed Four People in an Eating Establishment

Attempted Murderer: Stabbed four people in an eating establishment. Also convicted of first degree robbery.