Primary Danger Indicator

X Formations


      X formations in the handwriting show the writer likes conflict and competition. This fighting spirit may be on an intellectual level if the writer is educated or of refined tastes; if not educated or if more physically-oriented, the writer will be inclined to fight on a physical level. X formations may also indicate thoughts, worries, or fantasies about death, either regarding other people or the writer himself. If this is noted repeatedly, it may indicate a pervasive characterological attachment to thoughts about death.

      X structures in the upper zone are generally less dangerous than when found the lower zone, unless other intensifying signs are present.

      An X-ed signature or personal pronoun I is especially significant.


      X formations anywhere in the handwriting where they are not expected, including the personal pronoun I and/or signature.


1-X-Formations: Adolph Hitler, German Chancellor and Nazi Leader

Adolph Hitler: German Chancellor and Furer.

2-X-Formations: Christine Falling, Babysitter and Serial Killer

Christine Falling: Serial Killer - Strangled babies and children in her care.

3-X-Formations: Charles Manson, "Hippie" leader of the "Family."

Variant Signatures of Charles Manson: Note: Each is X'ed with a Swastika. Hippie leader of the "Family," members of which committed the brutal Tate-La Bianca killings in 1969. Manson, who declared himself a savior, had a strange hypnotic power over his followers, younf social dropouts he called disciples. Convinced that Russian nuclear missles would fall on America, Manson dreamed of establishing a fallout-free hideout in the Mojave desert. He ordered his disciples to arm themselves with knives and guns in readiness for doomsday, which he dubbed Helter Skelter. Manson envied the rich and successful and made up a list of enemies ("pigs") who would perish anyway when Helter Skelter was in full swing. In addition to the Tate slayings, Manson ordered the killings of Leo and Rosemary La Bianca for the purpose of further terrorizing the "pigs." The exact number of the Family's victims is uncertain, but may be as high as 35.

4-X-Formations: William Herbert Wallace, Alleged Wife Killer in 1931.

William Herbert Wallace: Mild-mannered English insurance agent found guilty of killing his wife with a poker in 1931, and sentenced to death. His appeal was heard and his conviction was quashed based on inadequate evidence. Wallace was set free and died of a kidney ailment in 1933.

5-X-Formations: Murderer of a 16-year-old girl.

Murderer: Killed a 16-year-old girl to show his loyalty toward a girlfriend who had been fighting with the victim.