Primary Danger Indicator



      Clubs indicate extreme decisiveness and/or forcefulness. Look for brutality or cruelty, especially when seen in conjunction with poor quality writing. It may indicate a "hit first, ask questions later" impulsiveness. When seen in the personal pronoun I and/or signature, it suggests pervasive characterological anger (conscious or unconscious) and may indicate a disturbed self-concept.


      Any stroke that has a clublike appearance-a noticeable thickening at the beginning or end. Clubs may be seen in any handwriting stroke, but are especially significant when seen in the personal pronoun I and/or the signature.


1-Clubs: Murderer of wife and maid.

Dr. Buck Ruxton (Anglicized name of a Bombay doctor). In 1928 took Isabella Van Ess into his home and, although not married, she called herself Mrs. Ruxton. Their relationship was a stormy one and they quarreled often. He accused her of "infidelity" and she sought police protection twice. "Mrs. Ruxton" and her maid disappeared in 1935 and pieces of their bodies were subsequently discovered under a bridge. Ruxton was found guilty of murder and hanged in May 1936.

2-Clubs: Assassin of President Garfield.

Charles Guiteau. Assassinated President Garfield, 1881. Suffered from mental illness. Shot the president under "divine guidance."

2-Clubs: Allegedly poisoned her lover.

Madeleine Smith. Respected 21-year-old woman from Glasgow. Allegedly poisoned her foreign lover in 1857.

2-Clubs: Clubs in Hitler's signature.

Adolf Hitler. German chancellor and fürer.

2-Clubs: Carpenter suspected of murder.

William Gardiner. Foreman carpenter at a small factory in Suffolk; mid-thirties, married with six children. Elder of the Methodist Church. Gossip linked Gardiner with 23-year-old Rose Hartnet, who was found dead with her throat cut and her body partly burned. Gardiner was tried in 1902 but the jury could not agree on a verdict. He was tried a second time in 1903 and was released when the jury could again not agree.

2-Clubs: Susan participated in the Manson (family) Tate-LaBianca murders.

Susan Atkins. One of Charles Manson's "Family" members. Participated in the Tate-LaBianca killings; stabbed actress Sharon Tate over a dozen times. Reportedly told a cell mate that she and other Family members had planned to murder several show business personalities, all in bizarre and vicious ways.