Primary Danger Indicator


Distorted Midzone Letters


      Distortions in the midzone (especially letters m and n) suggest poor thinking patterns. This may indicate confusion or evasiveness regarding everyday situations. Strong midzone distortions suggest unrealistic thinking and that the writer does not deal well with personal problems.

      Distorted m's and n's correspond to distorted thoughts and odd or twisted thinking. Can indicate unique or creative thinking if supported by positive indicators.

      Distorted e's in the handwriting suggest a distorted perception of other people's rights. The writer will be inclined to act upon this distorted perception, considering his or her own needs first.


      Twists, distortions, breaks, or reversals in midzone structures. In extreme cases the writing lacks specific structure and may appear formless, especially letters m and n.


D32-Distorted Midzone Letters: Albert DeSalvo - Boston Strangler

Albert DeSalvo: Boston Strangler. Former U.S. Army boxing champion. Raped and strangled thirteen women between June 1962 and January 1964. Committed to Boston State Hospital, having been judged schizophrenic. DeSalvo made excessive sexual demands on his wife. His attorney, F. Lee Bailey, said "DeSalvo was without doubt victim of one of the most crushing sexual drives that psychiatric evidence has ever encountered." Found dead in his prison cell in 1973, stabbed through the heart after a quarrel regarding drugs.

D32-Distorted Midzone Letters: Lee Harvey Oswald - Assassinated President John Kennedy

Lee Harvey Oswald: Assassinated President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. As a youngster he was a chronic truant. A psychiatrist thought him "emotionally disturbed." Shot dead by Jack Ruby two days after the assassination.

Distorted Midzone Letters