Primary Danger Indicator

Rocker Personal Pronoun I


      A printed personal pronoun I with a concave base may indicate shallowness of purpose and unreliability which ties in with emotional instability. The writer wants to appear independent and strong [printed I ] but is really emotionally unsteady [concave base which looks as if it were rocking]. The person tends to be easily influenced by external events and pressure and may lack overall seriousness of purpose. There may be a pervasive weakness or disturbance in the person's self-concept.


      The personal pronoun I is written in block print form and the bottom cross bar is a shallow dish-shaped formation, or written so that the downstroke doesn't touch the bottom crossbar. The impression is that the foundation of the letter is weak. Also, when the lower cross bar of the I is below the baseline, or if the cross bar is to the right or left of the stem.


1-Rocker Personal Pronoun I: Slip throats of adoptive parents.

Prisoner: Convicted by circumstantial evidence of the heinous slaying of his adoptive parents who were found with their throats slit.

1-Rocker Personal Pronoun I: Mass Murderer, shot eight people.

Mass Murderer: "Yuppie" computer operator who shot eight people using a rifle and handgun. Had a special interest in books about chemicals and how they affect the brain.

3-Rocker Personal Pronoun I: Serial Murderer of thirteen human beings.

Herb Mullin: Convicted of 13 serial murders in the Santa Cruz/Los Gatos, California area. Writing sample dated two weeks before the murder of Father Tomasi. Voted "Most Likely to Succeed" in high school.

4-Rocker Personal Pronoun I: Insane Inmate killed father.

Criminally Insane Inmate: Killed his father by firing six shots
from a .357 magnum revolver.

Rocker Personal Pronoun I