Primary Danger Indicator


Erratic Pressure


      Highly irregular pressure suggests erratic impulses and uncontrolled emotional responses and urges. Sudden bursts of energy (often sexual) occur according to the preponderance of pressure fluctuation. The writer is apt to be emotionally labile, sometimes nervous. Check for health problems, such as physical exhaustion, emotional problems, and possible psychosis (if extreme).


      Erratic or arrhythmic pressure. The writing pressure will show little consistency or a well-developed pattern.

Note: Erratic pressure is a result of the writer's inner emotional functioning. It is not due to a poorly functioning pen. (Check the writing instrument carefully.)


1-Erratic Pressure: Ronald Bennell - Rapist, Murderer

Ronald Bennell: 18-yard-old convicted in 1969 at Swanage, Dorset for the rape and murder of 18-year-old Diana Stephanie Kemp.

2-Erratic Pressure: William Edward Hickman - Murderer 

William Edward Hickman: In 1928 kidnapped Marion Parker for ransom and swapped her dismembered body for a pile of banknotes. Hickman was an honor student and pride of his Los Angeles Sunday school.

3-Erratic Pressure: Jack the Ripper - Serial Killer

Jack the Ripper: Mutilated five women in London's East End during a three-month period in 1888. The anonymous killer gained his nickname from the ferocity of his crimes -- the victims' throats were slashed and their bodies ripped open in sexually-motivated killings.

4-Erratic Pressure: Jack Graham - Airline Bomber

Jack Graham: Insurance gain and a deep-rooted fear of abandonment cause Graham to plant a bomb in his mother's suitcase, resulting in the explosion and crash of a DC-6b plane near Longmont, Colorado (1955), in which 44 people were killed. Found guilty of forgery in 1951 after stealing checks from his employer. Graham's teachers reported he was a loner, that his social adjustment were poor, and that he had an IQ of 115. His sister reported, "He is not the calm, unemotional man he seems. There is hell back of those dark eyes."

5-Erratic Pressure: Peter Kurten - Vampire of Dusseldorf 

Peter Kurten: "Vampire of Dusseldorf." Described as "a clever man and quite a nice one." Kurten was exceptionally perverse in his lust for blood. As a child he tortured animals, sometimes cutting off the heads of swan and drinking the blood. He drown two playmates and became an arsonist. He was quiet and charming and impeccably dressed. As an adult he became an active trade unionist, a respected pilar of society, and a killer of men, women and children. He never felt guilt for his heinous crimes. Beheaded in July 1932. "After my head is chopped off, will I still be able to hear, at least for a moment, the sound of my own blood gushing from the stump of my neck? That would be a pleasure to end all pleasures."

Erratic Pressure