Primary Danger Indicator


Weapon-Shaped Letters


      Dangerous imagery is implied when the writer makes weapon-shaped letters. This may be an unconscious representation of hostile impulses.


      Structures which resemble knives, daggers, harpoons, clubs, guns, whips, etc. These structures are often angular in shape (the more angular the more threatening) and they stand out due to their distortion. These signs, when seen in the personal pronoun I and/or signature, are especially significant.


1-Weapon-Shaped Letters: John Wilkes Booth - Assassin

John Wilkes Booth: Popular stage idol who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln, April 14, 1865.

2-Weapon-Shaped Letters: Heinrich Himmler, Nazi Official

Heinrich Himmler: Nazi official whose militant and intense signature was often affixed to medals.

3-Weapon-Shaped Letters: Mental Hospital Inmate - Probable Organic Brain Dsyfunction

Mental Hospital Inmate: Charged with seven counts of attempted murder with a .22 rifle. Probable organic brain dsyfunction. Hears voices, is afraid people will force him to take medication.

4-Weapon-Shaped Letters: Criminally Insane Inmate

Criminally Insane Inmate: Shot both parents.
Paranoid schizophrenic, psychotic.

5-Weapon-Shaped Letters: H. Judd Gray and Ruth Snyder - Murderers

H. Judd Gray: With Ruth Snyder, killed her husband with whom she had unsatisfying relations. Gray, who had a weak character and a mother complex, came to be dominated by Snyder, calling her his "Queen, my Momsie, my Mommy," she responed with "Lover Boy." After taking out an insurance policy on her husband, Gray and Snyder bashed his head in with a sash weight and completed the act with cloroform and a picture wire around the neck. "She had this power over me. She told me what to do and I just did it." Gray and Snyder were electrocuted within four minutes of each other at Sing Sing, January 1928.

Weapon-Shaped Letters