Primary Danger Indicator
Dot Grinding


      Dot grinding reveals inner tension, irritability, and temper. Ground-in dots also imply ruminating or obsessional thinking. This trait is sometimes associated with excessive emotional focus, and is commonly found in persons who are substance abusers. Dot grinding frequently indicates resentful silence.


      Periods or i dots made excessively heavy by the writer's grinding them into the paper. The anger is increased in proportion to the intensity of these dots.


1-Dot Grinding: David Berkowitz - Son of Sam, NYC Serial Killer

David Berkowitz: "Son of Sam" who kept New York in suspence for thirteen months in 1967-1968. Shot and killed six women, apparently at random and without motive. Berkowitz boasted of his sexual prowess but in reality was very shy with women. "The girls call me ugly, and they bother me the most." At his trial he claimed bloodthirsty demons made him kill and that a dog he had shot had the spirit of a 6,000-year-old man who order him to kill. After his murders hefelt "flushed with power." Sentenced to 365 years in prison.

2-Dot Grinding: Fritz Haarman - The Hanover Vampire

Fritz Haarman: Hanover Vampire - Hawker of smuggled meat in post First World War German who became a serial killer. Posing as a policeman, Haarman, along wit Hans Grans, a male prostitute, lured teenage boys into his den where he would fall on the victim's throat, biting through the jugular vein and expirencing intense sexual pleasure. Haarman sold the victims'clothing after disposing of their bodies as meat. When Haarman's father tried to have him committed to an asylum, doctors said he was incurably feeble-minded but there were no grounds to commit him. Beheaded in 1924.

3-Dot Grinding: Ameila Dyer - Drown Several Young Children

Ameila Dyer: Convicted of drowning several young children who had been placed in her charge near Reading, England in 1896. Her motive was monetary gain.

4-Dot Grinding: Zodiac Killer - California Serial Killer

Zodiac Killer: California serial killer. Commited five known killings and seriously wounded two other victims between 1968 and 1969. His victims were shot or stabbed cold-bloodedly and apparently without motive. To date the Zodiac killer has not be apprehended.

5-Dot Grinding: William Edward Hickman - Kidnapped Marion Parker, Dismembered Body

William Edward Hickman: In 1928 kidnapped Marion Parker for ransom and swapped her dismembered body for a pile of banknotes. Hickman was an honor student and pride of his Los Angeles Sunday school.

6-Dot Grinding: Bi-Polar Manic Depressive

Bi-polar Manic Depressive: Delusional, alcoholic, numerous psychiatric hospitalizations.

Dot Grinding