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How to Make It Work for You

This website makes use of an interactive visual map for learning — the manner in which the Danger Between The Lines Manual is used, and in our training method as well. The Site uses 2-way or toggle links to move between the selected Indicator Descriptions and the Psychological Implications in the sample profiles.

      The writers specific characteristics presented in the samples have been highlighted with circles, ovals, squares, arrows, and over- or under-lining.

Note: Each Highlighted Indicator will be a color specific to their category:
D - Primary Danger Indicator = RED
F - Facilitator of Dangerousness = ORANGE
I - Inhibitor of Dangerousness = BLUE

      Choose from the samples or links on the Profiles [Behavioral Profiling] page by clicking on the HIGH-LIGHTED PORTION of the writing. Linking the D, F, & I Indicators with the Psychological Implications.

      To return to the profiled handwriting sample, just click your Back button or the convenient on-page button, toggling between the samples will give you an objective view into the mechanics of how this system works.

Interactive Visual Mapping

      The following is a partial list of sample pages describing some common indications that give you a flavor for the makeup of the manual. There are examples taken from the Primary Indicators of Dangerousness (D), Facilitators (F), and Inhibitors (I), as indicated.

      Measuring the level of consistency, intensity and drive, where the individual's habitual repetitive habits and likelihood of dangerous or violent impulses could erupt, and under what circumstances this behavior would be aggravated or diffused.

      Depending on the level of violence/dangerousness potential, appearing in the writing, the Facilitators and Inhibitors have either a positive or negative impact on the behavior of the writer.

      The combinations of (D), (F) and (I) factors found in this website is but a limited sampling (20) of more than 124 (total indicators) as required to reasonably assess a writing.

Indicators of Dangerousness
[8 of 33]
  D-3   Rocker Personal Pronoun I
  D-5   Disintegration
  D-8   X Formations
  D-9   Tics
  D-10   Dot Grinding
  D-11   Weapon-Shaped Letters
  D-14   Erratic Pressure
  D-15   Muddiness

Facilitator Indicators
[7 of 64]
  F-7   Erratic Middle Zone Size
  F-8   Increasing Size
  F-19   Downhill Baseline
  F-20   Uphill Baseline
  F-36   Narrow Right Margins
  F-58   Exaggerated Upper Zone
  F-64   Unique Structures

Inhibitor Indicators
[4 of 25]
  I-4   Consistent Baseline
  I-6   Wide Line Spacing
  I-7   Wide Word Spacing
  I-21   Figure 8 Structures