Lee Baumel, M.D.
Emergency Psychiatry

Professional Overview

Danger Between the Lines, Kim Scott-Iannetta's revised reference manual, is so user friendly that I use it as a guide to validate what I'm considering with a certain patient. If I recognize many red flags as indicated in her book, I always have Kim do an assessment in addition to what I've determined, before making my final conclusion.
Professional Overview: Lee Baumel, M.D., Emergency Psychiatry.
Lee Baumel, M.D.

      I am, and have been a practicing psychiatrist - medical doctor, who works exclusively with patients in crisis situations (danger to self and others). For the last 25 years I've used Kim's Handwriting Analysis services. I count on her accurate feedback regarding potentially violent patients. She is uncanny in her assessments of their personality and character, and she can sometimes give me alternative ways of approaching patients. This allows me to deal with them more effectively and specifically tune into their particular disturbances.

      I recommend the reference manual HIGHLY... it's been a proven winner over the years! I bought the revised and expanded 3rd edition for use at work, and have another for reference at home. I expect this work will be a classic and indispensible for all those working with and concerned about violence.

Lee Baumel, M.D.