Handwritings & Drawings of Death Row Prisoners

"reveal what they try to conceal"

Essential Companion to Danger

Between The Lines and Forensic Profiling Cards

By Kimon Iannetta

This is a collection of handwritten letters, drawings and personal biographies of violent offenders. With this collection, criminal profilers will be able to better understand the background, motives and methods of the subjects.

There are 54 felons presented whose handwritings and drawings were scanned from original letters and have not been published before.

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Some of the more notorious felons are: Ted Bundy, Susan Atkins "Manson Murders", Douglas Clark "Sunset Strip Killer", Jeffery Dahmer, Diane Downs, Christine Falling, Joel Rifkin, Donald Harvey "Angel of Death", William Heirens "The Lipstick Killer", Patrick Kearney "The Freeway Killer", Richard Kuklinsky "The Iceman", Charles Ng, Herb Mullin, Scott Peterson, Robert Pickton, Dorothy Puente, Dennis Rader "BTK", Richard Ramirez "Night Stalker", Gary Ridgeway "Green River Killer", Joel Rifkin, Arthur Shawcross "Genesse River Killer", Dr. Michael Swango, Aileen Wuronos, and Timothy McVeigh.

The writings and drawings in this book were all created by dangerous offenders. This group consists of serial killers, rampage killers, school shooters, child killers, serial rapists, bombers, sadistic torturers, stalkers, pedophiles, necrophiliacs and cannibals.

All but two of these prisoners have murdered one or more people. Two offenders were "men of the cloth"; one was convicted for a murder for hire and the other was a serial pedophile priest.

Writing samples and drawings in this book are from private collections.

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Handwritings & Drawings of Death Row Prisoners,

Reference Workbook for DBTL & Forensic Profiling Cards, 2007 Edition.

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